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Paul Macklin is is a mathematician and an assistant professor at the Center for Applied Molecular Medicine at the University of Southern California. Our lab works to develop and validate sophisticated models of cancer in individual patients. We work in tightly-integrated teams of clinicians, modelers, and biologists to develop computational tools that will one day help improve clinical planning.

Macklin is leading development of standardizations for computational and experimental model data, which will help computational modelers to share, extend, refine, and recombine cancer models into sophisticated cancer simulators. A novel component of this work is the digital cell line: an extensible, standardized representation of a cell line, its physical and behavioral characteristics (phenotype), and necessary microenvironmental conditions. A library of digital cell lines will allow modelers and experimentalists to more easily share insights and measurements on cancer and other cells, and incorporate these into simulations.

Figure: An early test of our new 3-D agent-based cell model, growing from 10 to 80,000 agents in about 25 days (24-threaded simulation required about 5 hours). More recent tests have simulated over 500,000 cells. Rendered in 3D using POVRAY (with a cutaway view). [Read more ...]

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